Home Inspection Pro in Miami, Florida

Complete detailed evaluation on residential properties include everything from Roofs, A/C and Heating Systems , Plumbing, Mold, Swimming Pools, decks, and Electrical Systems. This home inspection Miami FL evaluation is completed by a licensed home inspector and covers the current condition of a property that you are about to purchase or sell as well as any previous permitting and property information that is available to us. Our comprehensive evaluation includes areas such as roof coverings and components, attic, insulation, eves, and soffits, exterior and interior walls, windows, floors, and doors, structural components, crawl space, plumbing lines & fixtures, electrical panels, switches & outlets, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, thermal immaging, and much more. We provide easy to read, computer generated inspection reports which include captioned digital photographs. Our service is prompt and efficient as we issue our reports within ONE DAY of the physical inspection. Complete property evaluations include condominiums and muliti-family buidlings as well.