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Christian Youth Association Creates Plumbing Apprentice Program

A Christian youth group is currently raising its members to be self-dependent. They started a plumbing apprentice program which is now enjoying the support of the Emergency plumbing squad. The Christian organization stated that they were concerned about their members who were unemployed. They said that they wanted to give them the support that will allow them to earn decent income over the long haul. Also, the group stated that their choice of a plumbing training program was based on the viable market in the area. In line with their objectives, the first batch of trainees will begin their apprenticeship in a few weeks.

Plumber teaching apprentice to fix a sinkThe 24 hour plumber Brooklyn niche has witnessed a dramatic surge in recent times. People are starting to take note of their various contributions to improve the lives of those in the community. Most of the organizations in this industry have organized youth events and gone to schools to give them hands-on training in plumbing. It was not surprising when the Emergency Plumbing Squad decided to partner with this Christian youth association for the plumbing apprenticeship program. The company announced that part of their Corporate social drive is to give back to the people they serve. This window aligned with their business’s goals and long term plan of raising entrepreneurs in the area.

Many people who are aware of this move praised all the parties involved in creating such a laudable initiative. An emergency plumber nearby stated that this event had spurred him to look for ways to help more youths. He said that he would begin sharing tips about how to start a plumbing business on his social media page. Also, he will keep looking out for those who show genuine interest in the things that he shares. The plumbing technician said he would choose five random followers on his social media page for a 1-year mentor-ship program.

As part of the buzz created by the plumbing, the program keeps growing, and other youth associations are planning to run similar events. The consensus is that there is nothing wrong to borrow great ideas and help the cause of their members. The youth groups are planning to send representatives to this Christian youth association to understudy the plumbing initiative. The CEO of Emergency Plumbing Squad said he is willing to work with every organization that will need their professional assistance. He stated that the company was not just a brand that was out to make money; they are interested in helping the young adults become plumbers and continue empowering people to live very productive lives.

A few members of the local media also promised to be part of the event. They said that they would publish the outcome of the program through various media channels. In their own words – It will help to create a high awareness in the society about the things that people can do to improve lives. Everyone is excited about the future program and based on the logistics that have been put in place; it is set to be a huge success. This move by the Christian youth association will create a domino effect that will raise many great entrepreneurs over the long haul.

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